3 Ways to Prep Your Furnace for Fall


As summer winds down and your cooling expenses drop, you may be tempted to forget about your HVAC system entirely for a few months. Instead, take advantage of the mild weather in Panhandle, Texas, and prepare your furnace for fall and winter. Start with these three ways to get your home ready for the chillier seasons ahead. 

Test Your Furnace

Before temperatures drop permanently, wait for a cool day and test your heating system. Turning it on once or twice this fall will give you the chance to find and fix issues before winter. You don’t want to find out on a cold, winter night that something is wrong with your furnace. 

Make sure the furnace turns on and runs properly, and check for any unusual sounds or smells. If you notice any problems, call in a professional. Our HVAC technicians can inspect your furnace and get it back in good working order.

Change the Filter

Although we don’t recommend fixing the furnace yourself, you can still make sure that the filter is ready for the new season. A dirty filter will significantly impact the efficiency of your furnace and increase your monthly energy bill.

Disposable filters should be changed at least once every one to three months or as often as necessary. Every home is different, so check your filter every few weeks until you know how long you can go between replacements. If you have a reusable filter, take the time to clean it thoroughly.

Schedule a Tuneup

Even if your furnace seems to be running fine, it’s a good idea to schedule a fall maintenance visit with one of our HVAC technicians. Not all issues announce themselves with conspicuous red flags — not at first, anyway. Regular preventive maintenance can preempt emergency situations and the need for expensive repairs down the road.

Whether you need us to investigate a strange odor or simply double-check your heating system before winter, the experts at Grizzle Heating and Air would love to help! Give us a call at  806-553-4690.

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