Caring for Your Packaged HVAC System

Interested in taking better care of your packaged HVAC system? Routine maintenance of these units is key to maximizing their life expectancy, lowering energy costs, and keeping your air quality as clean as possible. Though there’s plenty of in-depth work that you must leave to the experts, you can do a few things to maintain the system on your own. If you’re interested in do-it-yourself maintenance, you can safely perform these checks on the packaged HVAC system outside your Texas home.

Yard Care

Regular yard care is a simple step that will help your HVAC system a lot. Just take a few extra minutes to check around the packaged system. Remove sticks from around the HVAC, and keep the grass from getting high enough to block the airflow that could otherwise interfere with the unit.

Parts Maintenance

Though only a professional should work on some parts of the HVAC due to the more complex nature of a packaged unit, there is some maintenance that you can do on your own. Perform these steps safely whenever you have time to help maintain your unit:

  • Clean the unit: You can gently spray the outside of the unit with a hose to rinse off dust and dirt.
  • Change the filters: On some units, it’s easy and safe for a homeowner to replace the filters. Check the operator’s manual for how to do this and to confirm how often the filters should be replaced.

Check for Damage

Checking the HVAC system for damage is a good way to keep it in working order. Do you notice any cracks? Or do you hear any odd sounds? These are issues that required a professional technician, don’t hesitate to request our help if needed.

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