Exploring the Different Types of Geothermal Systems

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In the Canyon, Texas, area, geothermal heating systems provide comfort and warmth without excessive utility bills or energy consumption. Learn about the basics of geothermal heating and get to know the different types of systems available to you.

Geothermal Heating Basics

Like most heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps can both cool and heat your home. In the summer, the heat pump acts as an air conditioner and in the winter, it serves as a heating system. Unlike a standard heat pump, however, a geothermal device conditions your home using energy from the ground beneath. Because the ground maintains a relatively consistent temperature year-round, this method drastically simplifies the heating and cooling process.

Horizontal Closed-Loop Configuration

The most common type of geothermal system, a horizontal closed-loop configuration relies on a horizontally oriented loop of piping located just a few feet underground. This configuration requires more space, but due to the shallow placement, it’s typically easier and cheaper to install.

Vertical Closed-Loop Configuration

A vertical configuration requires many vertically oriented loops in a small space. In this system, the vertical pipes are connected at the top and then connected to your home’s geothermal heat pump.

Pond or Lake Closed-Loop Configuration

If your property includes a pond or a lake, these small bodies of water can offer a more cost-effective geothermal heating configuration. For this type of installment, pipe coils are installed several feet below the surface of the water, and a single pipe extends from the water to the home.

Open-Loop System

Most geothermal heating systems are closed-loop, but an open-loop system relies on either well or surface water on your property. Though this option isn’t as common as the others, it can be a cost-effective system since it cycles water through the heating system and then back to the original source.

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