What Is Sick Building Syndrome?

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If you own or operate in a commercial property in Bushland, Texas, the term “sick building syndrome” may already be on your radar. However, a lot of business professionals have never heard the term or aren’t sure what it means. Employers and building managers alike need to know what sick building syndrome is, how to recognize it, and what they can do about it.


“Sick building syndrome” (SBS) describes a phenomenon in which people experience symptoms of illness that seem correlated to time spent in a certain building, typically their work office. The exact cause of sick building syndrome can be hard to pinpoint. However, contributing factors could include inadequate ventilation, biological or chemical contaminants, work-related stress, and poor ergonomics, lighting, or acoustics.


Just as there is no single cause of all cases of sick building syndrome, symptoms vary and can be easy to dismiss as allergies, a cold, or the flu. Usually those affected will report symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, respiratory irritations, and dry skin or eyes. Workers may become more sensitive to odors or have difficulty concentrating, and those with asthma may suffer more frequent attacks.

You may find that several employees report similar symptoms or that more workers are taking sick days. Either trend could indicate a sick building.


Although you may not be able to identify the specific cause of sick building syndrome, an indoor air quality (IAQ) evaluation will provide some insight. You may find that you need to add a dehumidifier or air purifier to the building’s HVAC system. You should also walk through the building and correct any obvious problems, such as water damage, mold, or blocked vents, that could be contributing to poor IAQ.

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