Ventilation Options to Keep Your Amarillo Home Comfortably Cool

home ventilationWhen outdoor temperatures become milder, you can usually turn off the air conditioner and rely on ventilation to keep your Amarillo home cool. Using ventilation techniques can save energy and reduce your monthly cooling bills while at the same time helping to remove particulates and odors from your indoor air.

Ventilation Options to Stay Cool Indoors

Here are three of the most common options in home ventilation.

  1. Natural ventilation – Natural ventilation uses natural breezes and the cooling effects of the wind to reduce the temperature in your home. This is simply the act of opening windows to create cooling breezes inside your home. To be the most effective, it helps to open more than one window to create cross breezes that provide more cooling. Use natural ventilation when outdoor temperatures are cooler. If daytime temperatures are high, close windows during that time of day and use your air conditioner.
  2. Fans – Simple box fans and room fans create breezes that cool you directly through an effect similar to wind chill. The wind from the fans removes heat from the surface of your skin and helps you feel cooler. Box fans are often put into windows to increase the effects of natural ventilation.Ceiling fans can also help with ventilation and cooling. Make sure that ceiling fans spin counterclockwise in warm months so the air currents they create are directed downward into the room. These fans are good only in the room where they’re used. To save energy, turn off fans when you leave the room. Since they cool individuals directly, it won’t help to leave them on when no one’s around to feel the breezes.
  3. Whole-house ventilators  – Whole-house ventilators are larger systems designed to provide ventilation for the entire house. They pull in air through the home’s windows and send it out through the attic and roof.

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