How a 2 Stage Compressor and Variable Speed Motor Improves Your Indoor Comfort


Modern HVAC systems provide a variety of useful features, but homeowners looking for the ultimate in indoor comfort often choose a central air conditioner with a two-stage compressor and variable speed motor.

How Adjusting AC System Speed Improves Comfort

Single-stage air conditioners run at 100 percent capacity until the temperature setting is reached. Near constant cycling negatively impacts comfort because heat is extracted without properly addressing humidity. In areas like Amarillo, poor humidity control leaves the indoor environment feeling muggy and uncomfortable.

To address the comfort deficit, manufacturers have introduced AC systems that incorporate a two-stage compressor and variable speed blower. When the cooling load is light, the compressor operates in the first stage, and the fan runs at a lower output. This provides several benefits that directly affect indoor comfort:

  • Superior Humidity Control: With a two-stage compressor and variable speed blower, the system operating speed is slower, which directly addresses the latent humidity load by pulling more moisture from the air. The system self-adjusts until it achieves the optimal balance between humidity and heat load reduction. Indoor comfort will remain constant throughout the day, usually at a higher thermostat setting.
  • Even Temperatures: Longer cycles result in better air mixing. Instead of an immediate sensation of discomfort every time the unit shuts off, you’ll experience temperature equilibrium in every room without those annoying stale air pockets and cold spots.
  • Better indoor air quality: Increasing the number of times the air passes through the central filter will help remove harmful contaminants and particulate matter that often accumulate inside tight homes.

Better Comfort With Adjustable Speed Technology

HVAC systems with a variable speed blower and two-stage compressor can help keep your family comfortable and healthy in all weather conditions. To to learn more about the benefits of installing a new AC system with adjustable speed technology or to request air conditioning service in Amarillo TX, call the professionals at Grizzle Heating and Air today at 806-553-4690.

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