3 Tips for Getting a New AC System

Common AC Problems

If the cooling system in your Hereford, Texas, home isn’t keeping up with the warm temperatures and high humidity levels, it may be time to think about upgrading to a new, more efficient unit. These tips can help you determine the next steps for replacing your central air conditioner, and save money in the process.

When to Buy

Many homeowners end up replacing their air conditioners during the summer months because they realize that the units aren’t keeping their homes very cool. If you can wait, it’s cheaper to shop for an AC during the fall or winter when manufacturers may be offering lower prices to clear out inventory and HVAC companies aren’t as busy.

What to Buy

In the past, there were only a handful of options available to homeowners, and they all operated similarly without much fluctuation in options or upgrades. In today’s modern cooling world, you have so many more choices available to you. This can make the process of choosing a new AC feel very overwhelming, which is why it’s smart to trust an HVAC professional to help you select the right unit. Certain types of systems can deliver heating and cooling from the same unit, while others are equipped with smart thermostats for better control and accessibility.

The size and shape of the unit are also important factors since you only have so much space available for the new air conditioner. Choosing a system that is too small can result in uneven cooling, while a large unit will cause short cycling which results in an uncomfortable home and could cost more to operate.

Look for Rebates and Discounts

You can save a lot of money on the cost of your new air conditioner if you qualify for federal, state, or local rebates. Energy efficient cooling systems can also reduce your utility bills, which will help offset the cost of the new unit.

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