4 Reasons to Consider Installing a Heat Pump

heat pump

Contrary to popular belief, heat pumps do more than provide warmth in the winter. They’re actually a highly efficient way to cool your home in the summer. Plus, they have heaps of other advantages. If you’re looking to upgrade the HVAC system in your Canyon, Texas, home, here are a few reasons to consider switching to a heat pump.

Two Units In One

Homeowners without heat pumps have to rely on both a furnace and an air conditioner to keep their home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. With a heat pump, you only have to install a single unit. Essentially, a heat pump reverses the flow of refrigerant using its reversing valve, giving exceptional versatility in comparison to traditional HVAC setups.

Superb Savings

Another reason that a heat pump outclasses the competition is its propensity to save you money over its lifetime. Although some heat pumps may have a higher purchase price, depending on SEER choice,  the savings start as soon as you turn it on. By moving air rather than converting it from fuel, a heat pump operates far more efficiently, producing one to three times as much heat or cold air than the energy it consumes. In addition, you won’t have to worry about maintenance costs incurred by units that sit unused for months on end.

Improving the Environment

Because a heat pump doesn’t burn gas or oil during operation, it doesn’t give off harmful emissions, making it better for the environment. Heat pumps also have optional features to attach to a geothermal system, which is another eco-friendly way to heat or cool your home.

Adding Value

Heat pumps offer reasonable installation cost, efficiency, convenience, and cleanliness, and they add value to your home. 

Putting a heat pump in your home provides a plethora of benefits. If it’s something you’re considering, you can get expert advice on which unit to choose from the professionals at Grizzle Heating and Air. Call us today at 806-553-4690.

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