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A well-insulated, airtight home is good for heating and cooling efficiency but negatively impacts the indoor air quality. Proper ventilation in your Panhandle, Texas, home removes indoor pollutants and induces fresh air from outside, reducing the instances of asthma attacks.

What Are Air Ventilators?

Ventilation refers to the process of introducing outdoor air into the controlled indoor environment, so that the indoor air does not become stale and stuffy. The most obvious way of doing this is to keep the doors and windows open, but that defeats the very purpose of isolating and controlling the indoor environment. Air ventilators are designed to bring in the outside air in a controlled manner, in coordination with your home’s heating and cooling system.

How Do They Work?

Air ventilators are installed in the roof space. They draw air either from outside or from the roof space and filter the air before circulating it throughout your home. The stale air inside is pushed out through vents. However, to prevent energy waste, the indoor air being exhausted is forced through a system and its heat, cold, and humidity (depending upon the type of ventilator) is transferred to the incoming air.

How Does Ventilation Ease Asthma Symptoms?

Without a proper ventilation system, your air conditioner will keep recycling the same air without introducing any outside air. Due to carbon dioxide that we breathe out and the contaminants emanating from various other sources at home, the indoor environment starts getting stale and suffocating. A home ventilation system continually draws fresh air from outside and clears it of common asthma triggers, like moisture, dust, pollen, and animal dander. The fresh air replenishes oxygen and makes it easier to breathe.

The allergens present in the indoor environment also find an exit along with the stale air leaving the system. The overall improvement in the indoor air quality makes your home healthy and reduces headaches, breathing difficulty, and other asthma-related problems.

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