Prevent Indoor Air Pollution With These 6 Specific Steps

air-filter1-300x201Many homeowners don’t consider indoor air pollution to be a major issue, but poor indoor air quality can be problematic, or even dangerous, if anyone in your home suffers from asthma or other respiratory illnesses. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to prevent indoor air pollution. Here are six simple steps to help you prevent indoor air pollution in your Texas home:


Ventilation is essential in every home, especially during the winter, when houses are often sealed up and families stay indoors more. Bathrooms and attics, especially, must be well-ventilated.

Testing and Evaluation

It may be hard to choose the best options to prevent indoor air pollution in your home if you don’t know what pollutants are present, so assessing your needs is an important step. Low-cost home tests and detectors are available to check for radon and carbon monoxide, but a professional evaluation is the best choice for most homes.

Reducing Toxins

One of the easiest ways to prevent indoor air pollution is to avoid bringing any pollutants into your home to begin with. Use low-VOC paints and chemical-free alternatives for renovations, and purchase only non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products.

HVAC Air Filters

Most furnaces and air conditioners have air filters to trap particles going through the duct system. Invest in quality HEPA filters, which trap the highest concentration of particles, and don’t forget to change the filter every three or four months.

Air Cleaners

Some households, particularly those with high levels of pollutants or family members with health concerns, will need stronger filtration than the HVAC filter can provide. Small filters intended for single rooms are available, but whole-house air cleaners are the most efficient option, though they may be a costly, significant investment. These indoor air quality products are vital for ensuring your home’s air stays clean.


Many people forget about the power of plants to filter the air around them, but some houseplants are known for their ability to remove pollutants. Golden pothos, English ivy, and peace lily are all known for their air purifying qualities.

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