5 Common Heat Pump Issues That You May Be Able to Troubleshoot

A heat pump is a low-maintenance, energy-efficient way to heat and cool your Amarillo home, but heat pump issues may occur if your unit is aging or has been poorly maintained. Annual preventive maintenance is essential for preventing these common – but often expensive – problems.

Ice Buildup on Outdoor Coil

In heating mode, the outdoor coil maintains below-freezing temperatures. Any moisture in the air will result in frost or ice buildup, which is melted during the defrost cycle. If the buildup doesn’t melt, gets thicker, or turns to solid ice, the defrost cycle may be malfunctioning.

Steam is Pouring from Outdoor Coil

It might look like heavy smoke, depending on the humidity level outside, but it’s just steam from the defrost cycle and nothing to worry about.

Heat Pump Doesn’t Turn On

If the heat pump doesn’t turn on, you probably have an electrical problem. Check the power switches and the main circuit breaker. If that’s not the problem, check the breakers in the unit. It may be hard to determine whether they’ve tripped, so with the system in “off” mode, flip all the breakers off and then on again. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to call for service.

Heat Pump is Banging, Clanking, Scraping, or Vibrating Loudly

Turn the heat pump off immediately, and call for service. If the noise is coming from the indoor unit, the blower fan is likely malfunctioning. If it’s coming from the outdoor unit, the fan blades may have iced over, causing the fan to spin off balance. Humming, hissing, and buzzing sounds are perfectly normal, especially during the defrost cycle.

The Auxiliary Light on the Thermostat Doesn’t Turn Off

The auxiliary light should come on during the defrost cycle, when the temperature in the home falls more than two degrees below the thermostat setting, or when the heat pump can’t produce enough heat on its own due to very cold outdoor temperatures. Otherwise, the outdoor unit may be malfunctioning.

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