How to Keep Indoor Air Pollution at Bay in Your Amarillo Home

Check the ductwork to prevent indoor air pollutionThough you may feel safe from the hazards of air pollution when you’re inside your own home, the unfortunate truth is that the indoor air could be dirtier than the air outdoors. But rest easy, because we have tips to help prevent indoor air pollution in your home.

Clean Out the Cabinets

Many household cleaners and chemicals contribute to indoor air pollution. Go through the cabinets with an eye for the following items:

  • Household cleaners
  • Air freshener
  • Hairspray
  • Varnish, paint or glue
  • Fragrances
  • Scented candles

When possible, replace these products with all-natural alternatives. When using potentially hazardous craft supplies like glue and paint, work near an open window.

Check Ventilation

Proper ventilation will keep air circulating in your home, but if it’s inadequate, you’re keeping pollutants trapped in the room with you. Supply ventilation pulls air into the home and exhaust ventilation moves it out of the structure. A balanced ventilation system does both.

Upgrade the Air Filter

Air filters trap air pollution and keep it out of the circulating air in your home. Unfortunately, many people forget to change the air filter regularly, rendering it inefficient. Mark your calendar so you’ll remember to check the air filter monthly and replace it as soon as dust begins accumulating. You can also talk with an HVAC specialist about upgrading to higher quality air filters.

Check the Ductwork

If you have a filthy air filter, the ductwork in your home probably isn’t much better. Prevent indoor air pollution by having ductwork cleaned thoroughly if it’s in a poor state. If you notice excessive dust particles in the air, mold or mildew in the ducts, or if you’ve suffered from a rodent or insect infestation, contact an HVAC pro to discuss duct cleaning.

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